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IAS-F100 Fruit Sorting Module


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Grains or farming


Typical applications

Feed or forage processing

Livestock and

animal husbandry

Fruits and food

Quality control, grading and pricing in  trade, storage and process control etc.

Raw material quality control, production process  control, nutrition composition etc.

Forage nutrition measurement, dairy  quality  control etc.

Sorting, nutrition analysis, harvest  control etc

About us

IAS (Intelligent Analysis Services) develops high performance instruments and solutions based on NIR (Near-Infrared) spectroscopy technology.  With its easy-to-use and affordable NIR solutions, IAS enables its customers to conduct fast and precise on-site analyses that were previously only possible in laboratory requiring much more expensive equipment and longer turnover time.  As a market leader in China, IAS solutions cover key sectors such as agriculture, food processing, feed supply and many others and the company is expanding quickly to international markets.

IAS Company Profile
IAS is a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of NIR spectroscopy instruments and providing customized solutions for the industry. The company focuses on the whole life cycle of NIR spectroscopy technology, and can provide personalized and intelligent products and services for different user characteristics.

We provide customized NIR analysis solutions

Hardware +  Calibration + Remote Maintenance + Cloud Platform