provide whole solutions for the liquor production,help to decrease the cost,increase the efficiency

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IAS-Online-L1  Online NIR Liquid Analyzer
IAS-Online-L1 is the instrument applied for online liquid test.the instrument’Combine the NIR spectrum analysis technology, process analysis,cloud computing technology and liquor picking precedure in the liquor making industry.
IAS-3100  Portable NIR spectrum analyzer
The IAS-3100 near infrared liquor analyzer is a special equipment developed for the fermentation process of liquor brewing liquor. It can detect all indicators at once in a short time. In actual testing, it can easily analyze 150 samples within 8 hours. The operation is simple, and greatly reduces the cost of the test, and improves the production efficiency.

Constant trepreture nir spectrum collection system and auto reference system;

Multi industrial interface;

Multi  installation modes,more flexibale;

Remote maintainence and upgrading;

Self developed unique MEMS NIR spectrum testing system;

Multi samples pool for different samples;

Anto reference ratio system and auto calibration,

easy for operation;

The big facula make the sample collection more representive.